About Xyris

Innovators in nutrition analysis

Creators of nutrition analysis software for nutrition professionals and consumers

We’re a small Australian company dedicated to creating premium nutrition analysis software for Australia and New Zealand. We like our products to be useful, beautiful, reliable, accurate, evidence-based – and inspired.

Our mission and values

Empowering Australians and New Zealanders to make informed food choices

Our mission is to bring together nutrition science and information technology to empower nutrition professionals and consumers to improve health and wellbeing.

We value
  • Innovation and leadership in our field
  • Excellence in product design for exceptional useability, accuracy and reliability
  • Evidence-based approaches to nutrition and medical nutrition therapy
  • Friendly, responsive service for our customers
  • Professionalism, integrity and an ethical approach in all we do

Our story

Chester Goodsell


Our ongoing efforts are fuelled with gratitude to creative visionary, Chester Goodsell, who demonstrated remarkable initiative, courage, determination and energy in working towards his goal of making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of Australians through nutritional analysis technology. We are inspired to take forward his vision of combining nutrition science and information technology to benefit the public good. Vale Chester, November 2020.

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