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Food technologists, product/recipe developers and quality managers

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For food professionals in small, medium and large food companies in Australia and New Zealand. Use for new product development, product reformulation and compliant nutrition labelling.



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Included features

Generate nutrition labelling information dynamically from your recipes, including:

  • Nutrition Information Panels (NIPs)

  • Characterising ingredients and ingredient statements

  • Country of Origin statements (CoOL) with graphical standard marks

  • Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL)

  • Health Star Ratings (HSR) with graphics

Generate compliant Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) for your products. Foodworks calculates the percent Australian for your recipes, and provides appropriate text statements and graphics. The Foodworks CoOL Editor makes it quick and easy to enter CoOL data for all your raw materials.

Foodworks ensures your allergen information is PEAL-compliant, meeting the requirements for simple, plain English terminology and standardised formatting. The PEAL requirements are in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and food products labelled after February 2024 need to comply.

Foodworks calculates Health Star Ratings for your recipes according to the latest guidelines, and provides the appropriate graphic.

Create and store an unlimited number of raw materials (ingredients). For each raw material, use the data from its product specification, or base it on a reference food.

Create, analyse and store an unlimited number of recipes and sub-recipes. Use recipes as ingredients in other recipes. Generate nutrition labels for your recipes.

Print and save individual labels as .png files. Export your labelling data as .csv files.

Analyse unlimited recipes and sub-recipes.

View details and flexible analyses for macronutrients, micronutrients and ratios. Analyse the whole recipe or zoom in on a selected part of it.

Investigate nutrients of interest. See the sources of that nutrient. See each item’s contribution to the nutrient result.

Work together as a team. Add and remove users from workspaces as needed.

Data sources provided include the Australian Food Composition Database (AFCD), New Zealand FOODfiles, and more.


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