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How Vili’s Family Bakery revolutionised their food labelling process with Foodworks.online

Read how Vili’s QA Manager, Joshua Milisits, was impressed with the positive business impact of moving to Foodworks.online Nutrition Labelling. Thanks to Joshua for generously providing this testimonial.

“As a part of the Quality Assurance Team/Continuous improvement enthusiast at Vili’s Family Bakery, I’ve had the pleasure of transitioning to Foodworks.online, the cloud-based version of our already trusted FoodWorks 10 labelling software.

Our decision to adopt Foodworks.online was primarily driven by the need for compliance with the ever-evolving Plain English Allergen Labelling Legislation changes.

However, we discovered the transition to Foodworks.online went far beyond just compliance—it revolutionised our food labelling process and streamlined our operations.

We use Foodworks.online for all our labelling needs, including ingredient lists, nutritional information, and allergen declarations, Health Star Ratings and Country of Origin information.

With Foodworks.online, we found a seamless integration of these essential components, allowing us to generate accurate and compliant labels effortlessly in a well-presented easy to understand format.

The intuitive user interface and updated features made navigating the software an absolute breeze, saving us valuable time and resources.

One of the most significant benefits of Foodworks.online is its adherence to Plain English Allergen Labelling Legislation.

The software automatically identifies allergens and presents them in clear bolding without the need to manually bold each ingredient within each raw material. This feature is the most impressive part of this software as I’m sure behind the scenes this feature is extremely complex to implement. 

This PEAL feature alone has alleviated the stress of ensuring compliance and has given us peace of mind knowing that we’re providing transparent information to our consumers.

From the initial setup of transferring our data from FoodWorks 10 to Foodworks.online, to ongoing assistance, the support team have been responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to addressing any queries or concerns promptly. In particular, Declan, their CEO, has always been happy to answer the phone for any questions we might have.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction has truly set them apart in the industry. The support experience provided by the Foodworks team has been exemplary.

With Foodworks.online, Vili’s Family Bakery is well-equipped to deliver top-quality products while maintaining compliance and consumer trust.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Foodworks.online to any food manufacturer seeking a reliable, user-friendly food labelling solution. It has not only helped us meet regulatory requirements but has also enhanced our efficiency and accuracy in product labelling.

– Joshua Milisits, QA Officer/Continuous Improvement at Vili’s Family Bakery

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