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The industry standard in nutrition analysis software for dietitians and nutritionists. Now in the cloud.

Save time on your nutrient analyses while giving your clients expert advice

For dietitians, nutritionists, diabetes educators, sports and fitness professionals, weight loss and wellness coaches, and content creators developing recipes and meal plans.


What's new in Version 2

The new Version 2 includes significant new features and improvements, including:

  • Enhance your clinical practice with major upgrades to features for tracking your nutrition clients.
  • Create drafts of resources before publishing.
  • See activity logs for your organisation, workspaces and individual resources.
  • Autosave changes to avoid losing data due to connectivity issues.
  • Create resources from the Search drop-down of the ingredients grid.
  • COMING SOON Seamlessly integrate with a brand new version of our free mobile diet-tracking app for your clients, Easy Diet Diary. The newEasy Diet Diary and its integration are due Q3/Q4 of 2024.

The new version has a fresh new interface. Behind the scenes, it’s a major renovation, improving security, performance and reliability.

Importantly, Version 2 improves performance for very large and complex recipes and workspaces, future-proofing your Foodworks experience as your business grows.

Version 2 also lays the groundwork for many exciting features to be added in the future.


In the cloud

Take your nutrient analyses with you

Use on any computer from anywhere, via your internet browser. There’s nothing to download or install.

Always access the latest features and the most up-to-date food composition data.

Get new features faster, and more seamless support when you need it.

Enjoy working remotely and collaborate with ease.

See more on the benefits of switching to Foodworks in the cloud here.


Nutrition consulting

Keep track of your nutrition clients

Counselling nutrition clients?

Store each client’s personal details, food records and meal plans in one place.

Set their custom goals, and track their nutrition and relevant biometrics.

View their progress over time.

With rich information at your fingertips, address your clients’ nutrition-related health conditions and help them towards their nutrition-related goals.

Integration with our consumer mobile app, Easy Diet Diary is coming soon. 



Seamlessly share work with colleagues

Your team can share and access the same workspace to work together.

Add and remove users from the workspace as needed.

More functionality for collaboration, such as different permissions levels within the workspace, coming soon.

Nutrition analysis

Give great advice

No more guesstimates. Base your advice on real insight into your clients’ dietary patterns.

Using flexible and detailed nutrition analysis, investigate intake of both micro- and macro- nutrients. Use Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) to assess nutritional adequacy. Or view and quantify food groups, drilling down from basic food groups into detailed subgroups.

You can also compare a client’s intake to their customised nutrient goals.

Recipe and meal plans

Create healthy recipes and targeted meal plans

Create healthy recipes according to your nutritional criteria. Use your recipes in meal plans for individuals or target groups.

As you develop meal plans, explore detailed analyses and assess nutritional adequacy against Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs), food groups or customised nutrient goals.


Printing and publishing

Add value to your consultations

Give your clients the take-away they need.

Print customised reports or send them PDFs.

Food composition data

Use the latest, most comprehensive food data

For accurate and reliable nutrient analysis, stay up-to-date with Australian food data and more.

Use our data sources AusFoods and AusBrands for Australia (incorporating the Australian Food Composition Database). Work with over 50 nutrients and components. Also available is our data sources that include foods for special medical purposes, FSMP 2021 and New Zealand foods, FOODfiles 2018.


Some satisfied reviews of Foodworks 10 by people and professionals

If Professional is not quite feature-ready for you yet, you can contact us to get access to the classic FoodWorks 10 Professional desktop application as part of your annual subscription (and make the switch later).

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