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Foodworks Professional – V2 is on the way

Big news – the new Version 2 of Foodworks.online Professional is coming in 2024.

Due mid-year, the new version includes:

  •  A major upgrade of features for tracking your nutrition clients.
  • A brand new version of the free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary, for your clients to use.
  • Seamless integration of Easy Diet Diary and Foodworks so that you can easily view and analyse your clients’ diaries.
  • Autosaving to ensure that a connection issue never results in lost data.
  • New collaboration features, including a log of user activity for each resource. 
  • A fresh user interface.

Behind the scenes, Version 2 is a major renovation. It improves security, performance and reliability, and lays the groundwork for more exciting new features.

If you’re already a Foodworks Professional subscriber, there is nothing to do. The transition to Version 2 will be easy and automatic, and the upgrade is free as part of your subscription.

We’ll provide videos and support articles to help you get familiar with the improved interface.

Over the next few months we’ll keep you up-to-date with progress, including highlighting new features. Watch out for our emails and blogs.

Got questions about Version 2? Don’t hesitate to ask here (or call us on 07 3223 5300).

We’re excited to be delivering an even better Foodworks for you.

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