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Announcing Foodworks Education

We’re pleased to announce the launch (July 2022) of the new cloud-based Foodworks Education, professional nutrition analysis software for universities, colleges and secondary schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Foodworks Education replaces the loved and trusted FoodWorks 10 software for the desktop, offering a whole new level of power and flexibility.

Foodworks Education will incorporate Foodworks Duo (Professional + Nutrition Labelling features), thus catering for studies related to both human health/nutrition and food technology. At launch (July 2022), Professional features are included, with Nutrition Labelling features coming soon.

All the goodness of Foodworks, now cloud-based

Foodworks Education has all the benefits and convenience of cloud software.

Benefits for your institution include:

  • no need to download, install, update, or back-up software or data
  • easy administration of large and small numbers of student and staff users
  • access to our friendly, expert support service for staff (lecturers, teachers, tutors and IT staff)
  • industry-standard security with 2-factor authentication and penetration testing by an expert third party

Your students enjoy:

  • access through their internet browser, whether they’re on a Mac or PC
  • always using the very latest features and food data
  • easy collaboration with other students by sharing workspaces
  • access to the comprehensive Learning and Support site

Read more about the benefits of Foodworks in the cloud here.

Developed in Australia for the Australian and New Zealand context, Foodworks has been the premier choice of nutrition software in the tertiary sector for decades.

At launch – Features for dietetics and human nutrition

At launch (July 2022), Foodworks Education includes all the features of Foodworks Professional, the edition for dietitians and nutritionists, making it suitable right away for tertiary courses in human nutrition and dietetics.

Students can analyse dietary intakes, recipes and meal plans for ‘clients’ using food data for Australia and New Zealand. They can create clients and track their relevant biometrics.

Coming in 2022 – Features for food technology

Later in 2022, the features of Foodworks Nutrition Labelling will also be rolled into Foodworks Education, extending its feature set to make it suitable for courses in food technology.

Students will be able to analyse food products and generate nutrition labels to comply with regulations for Australia and New Zealand.

Educational pricing and licensing

For over a decade, we’ve been supporting the education sector in Australia and New Zealand by providing the gold standard in professional nutrition at special pricing.

Contact us for educational pricing for for your institution.

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