A special edition for universities and colleges

Foodworks Education is a new edition specifically for universities, colleges and secondary schools.

For over a decade we’ve been providing the gold standard in nutrition software at discounted educational prices to universities and colleges. We’ve also provided educational packages for secondary schools.

We’re pleased to announce that with Foodworks Online we are introducing an Education edition tailored to your needs as educators.

Foodworks Online takes our trusted FoodWorks 10 software (for the desktop) to the next level, with powerful new features and all the benefits of cloud software

Special features for education

The new Foodworks Education (incorporating Foodworks Duo features) will cater for studies related to both human nutrition and food technology.

We’ve been consulting our users in universities and colleges and some of the special features slated for Foodworks Education include:

  • Easy sign-up for large numbers of users via email list upload
  • In-app assignment submission
  • Collaboration features for group work, peer review, and for easier teaching
  • Lecturer, student and tutor permissions roles (and the ability to create custom permissions groups for your users)
  • An extensive self-service support website for students

Chat with us

Do you have a wish list of features that would be useful for your courses? We’d love to hear how we can meet your requirements with the new Foodworks Education.

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