About your transition to

Got questions about transition from the classic FoodWorks 10 for desktop to We’re listening and we’ve answered some common questions here.

When will the new be available for purchase?

The first release of the Foodworks Professional edition is now available. Additional features and more food composition data will be added in 2022.

There will be a gradual rollout of other editions during 2022 and 2023. See the cloud roadmap here.

What are the benefits of using

There are many benefits of using the cloud-based, including the ability to work remotely with ease and to use Foodworks on a Mac without needing additional software. Read more here: Benefits of the cloud-based Foodworks.

What editions are planned?

The following editions are available or in the pipeline:

  • Foodworks ProfessionalAvailable December 2021. For health care. Analyse your clients’ dietary intakes and track their progress over time. Develop nutritious recipes and meal plans.
  • Foodworks Nutrition LabellingComing in 2022. For the food industry. Analyse new product formulations. Generate compliant labelling information for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Foodworks DuoComing in 2022. Offers the features of both Foodworks Professional and Foodworks Nutrition Labelling, replacing FoodWorks 10 Premium.
  • Foodworks EducationAvailable July 2022. For education. Use in tertiary and secondary courses in human nutrition, dietetics and food technology.
  • Foodworks ResearchComing in 2023. For nutrition research studies.

Is the same as FoodWorks 10? carries forward the features of FoodWorks 10 that you rely on but also offers significant new features. We’ll be adding new features and new food data to as we move forward.

The user interface is an evolution from the classic FoodWorks 10, so if you’re a FoodWorks 10 user, you’ll find it familiar.

When should I make the switch to

Make the switch to the new as the edition and features you require become available. See the cloud roadmap here.

How will I know when is feature-ready for me?

You can evaluate to ensure that it is feature-ready for you. A free trial will be available for each edition.

If you are a current FoodWorks 10 subscriber, you’ll be able to access (for your current edition and number of users) as part of your subscription.

How do I keep in touch with the edition/feature rollout?

We send regular newsletters to our customers and to the mailing list. You can join our mailing list here.

We also provide news on this blog site and the support site.

Can I still purchase FoodWorks 10 for the desktop?

Once a edition is available for purchase, the equivalent desktop edition of FoodWorks 10 will no longer be available for purchase. However, when you purchase a subscription to you can request access to the equivalent edition of FoodWorks 10.

Can I renew my subscription to FoodWorks 10 for the desktop?

When your FoodWorks 10 renewal comes up, if the equivalent edition of is available you will need to subscribe to that. However, as part of your subscription, you can then request continued access to FoodWorks 10 if needed until further notice.

I have a current FoodWorks 10 subscription (or MSP). Am I entitled to when available?

Yes—while you have a current FoodWorks 10 subscription (or MSP) you’ll be able to access the equivalent edition of when available for your current number of users. For example, if you have a two-user subscription to FoodWorks 10 Professional, you can sign up two users to Professional at no additional cost.

I’ve been a loyal FoodWorks customer. Do I get a special deal on the new product?

As a subscriber or MSP holder for FoodWorks 10, you can access the equivalent licenses of (when their edition is available) at no additional charge for the duration of your subscription. You will also automatically receive advantaged pricing for moving forward.

For FoodWorks 10 Professional customers, we’ve already sent you the details. Contact us for more information.

What about my FoodWorks 10 data?

  • When I make the switch to will my data automatically transfer from my current FoodWorks 10 database?
    Your data will not automatically transfer from FoodWorks 10 to
  • Can I import my data from FoodWorks 10 to
    A tool to migrate your data from FoodWorks 10 to is planned for for release in 2022, however, this tool is not included in the first release of Professional.
  • If I start using in parallel with FoodWorks 10, can I share data between them or work on the same database?
    No, there will not be a mechanism for sharing data or databases back and forth between FoodWorks 10 and

Will Professional integrate with Easy Diet Diary?

Though not in the first release, yes, Professional will integrate with our mobile app for iOS and Android, Easy Diet Diary. The move online will vastly improve the integration between Foodworks and Easy Diet Diary. The integration is planned for 2023.

I need FoodWorks now. Should I purchase FoodWorks 10 or wait for

You can purchase or try out Professional now.

For FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling and FoodWorks 10 Premium, go ahead and purchase (or re-subscribe to) FoodWorks 10

When the edition you require becomes available in, during your subscription you’ll be able to switch at no additional cost and you will receive advantaged renewal pricing.

Can I provide feedback and let you know what’s important to me?

Yes! We’ve been consulting users as we create, and we’re always keen to hear from you.

How do you use FoodWorks 10? What do you want to see next in

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to share your ideas.

Is there a free trial of

Yes, there is a free 14-day trial of

More questions about the transition?

If you have other questions about the transition to, get in touch.

Thanks for your patience and support!

We’re excited to be bringing the new to you. We know you’ll love it. And as we work through this transition period, we’d like to thank you again for your support.

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