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Why jump on board with Professional

The cloud-based Professional has launched, replacing FoodWorks 10 Professional for the desktop. Here are 10 good reasons to jump on board today.

NOTE: This first release of is the Professional edition for dietitians and nutritionists in health care and fitness working with nutrition clients or developing recipes and meal plans. Special editions for Research and Education will be available soon. Foodworks.onoine Nutrition Labelling for the food industry rolls out later in 2022.

10 reasons to jump on board

Here’s why to subscribe to Professional now:

  1. Seamless updates: You’ll enjoy the latest features as part of your subscription, updated in real time. No more long stretches between updates, and no need to download and install them. is constantly evolving, with new features and food data rolled out frequently.
  2. Enjoy peace of mind: With industry-standard security, you can relax knowing your data is protected. is hosted on the reliable AWS infrastructure, ensuring your data is safe.
  3. Simplified administration: Manage your account with ease. Simply sign up and get going. No downloads or installation. No need to manage versions. No need to ensure data back-ups. Add and remove users as needed.
  4. Flexible pricing options: Depending on your usage requirements, choose your subscription period monthly, quarterly or annually.
  5. Live the dream: Work from any location and any computer with a browser and internet connection.
  6. MacOS compatibility: As a cloud-based product, is fully compatible with Apple computers. You just need a browser and an internet connection.
  7. Work together: Collaborate simply and easily with your team. Share both your workspaces and resources for seamless collaboration.
  8. User-friendly: Get working and keep working easily. Enjoy the intuitive modern interface, and if you need it, access the friendly support service.
  9. Australian support: Technical support is provided by our friendly and expert Brisbane-based team in AEST time.
  10. Support Australian: By subscribing to, you support the work of our dedicated Australian team of developers and dietitians in a small, fully Australian-owned company.

Be part of the excitement

For over 20 years, Xyris has provided the gold standard in nutrition analysis software for nutrition professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

Watch as Professional evolves, and be part of the excitement as we take Foodworks to the next level for you. Sign up here for the free 14-day trial.

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