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Announcing Professional

We’re delighted to announce that the cloud-based has launched (8 December 2021).

This first release, Foodworks Professional, is for dietitians and nutritionists in health care and fitness working with nutrition clients or developing recipes and meal plans. Professional for the cloud replaces FoodWorks 10 Professional for the desktop.

This is just the beginning of our continuing rollout program.

In 2022, more features and food data are coming for Foodworks Professional and the other Foodworks editions will be rolled out.

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Feature spotlight: Clients

For each of your nutrition clients, create a client in Foodworks.

  • In one place, store each client’s personal details, food records, meal plans, custom goals and more. 
  • Log biometrics relevant to their health conditions (e.g. waist circumference, blood glucose levels).
  • Track their progress.

Feature spotlight: Security

  • Industry-standard data encryption is used in transit and in storage.
  • Data is stored in Australian data centres.
  • Back-ups are located across Australia, ensuring that your data is safe even from natural disaster.
  • Penetration testing is performed by an expert and independent third-party.
  • For more information, see the Security FAQs.

Features Professional continues to evolve.

See the latest features in Professional here. (For the set of features at release on 8 Dec 2021, go here.)

Upcoming features and editions: See our cloud rollout plan

What you see now is just the beginning for

We’re rolling in major new features and enhancements throughout 2022 and beyond.

Check our cloud roadmap for all editions here.

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