Our journey to the cloud

The FoodWorks you know and love is moving into an exciting new era.

We’ve been re-imagining the trusted FoodWorks 10 desktop software as for the cloud. For two years now, our dedicated team of developers and dietitians has been deep in development.

We’re excited to announce that the Professional edition for dietitians and nutritionists is available. This edition replaces the classic FoodWorks 10 Professional.

This release is just the beginning. We’re rolling out the following editions through 2022:

  • Nutrition Labelling—for new product development and compliant nutrition labelling
  • Duo—combines two editions, Professional and Nutrition Labelling, in one subscription (replacing FoodWorks 10 Premium)
  • Education—for use by lecturers, teachers and students in secondary and tertiary nutrition and food tech courses
  • Research—for nutrition researchers (coming in 2023)

As we move to the cloud, we proudly carry forward the reliability and evidence-based professionalism of the classic FoodWorks that has earned its place as the leading nutrition software in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.

But we’re also taking the cloud-based to a whole new and exciting level. It’s all about serving you better.

Looking after our customers

We value the support of the community of nutrition professionals that we serve. Over the years, we’ve heard your requests. and we’re delighted to be creating a better, more powerful and accessible Foodworks for you.

Moving our nutrition software to the cloud means that we can deliver bigger, better features faster, responding to and anticipating your needs. offers you much more including more features, more frequent updates both to the features and to the food data, easier management of the software and your users, and more convenient ways for your team to work collaboratively and remotely.

As cloud-based software, the new Foodworks is available through your web browser, which makes for easy access whether your computer uses Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.

If you’re already a FoodWorks 10 customer, as you transition from our classic desktop software to, we’ll be looking out for you. See more information about making the transition.

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